4 poses to stop using in 2021

 This topic may be a tad controversial. Hear us out though, you may or may not agree. We respect that you know what’s best for your buisness, and the type of clients your work & style attracts. If you disagree or agree we’d like to know. Is there poses you think are even more overused than the ones below? Just leave a comment below to voice your opinion. with that said, here are our top 4 poses to stop using in 2020

#4 on the countdown 

Don’t confuse this pose with the actual lifestyle shoot its self. Cozy home shoots are the best way to capture intimate moments between family and couples. What we are talking about more specifically is the “pillow fight” shot, You know, tons of feathers flying everywhere, and shirtless men low-key flexing and girls enjoying hitting their loved one almost too much. With that said people viewing the shoot, later on, may ask questions such as “why is this guy flexing? This shoot had to be his idea! Need show off all that work at Vasa.” or leaving others with questions such as” Becky looks a little too happy to be hitting her man with that pillow. I wonder if he works out, to protect himself. Does his wife abuse this poor guy?” just a few questions we thought of

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#3 on the countdown 

Now we understand this one may be a bit controversial. But hear us out. This situation has been used for many years now. Making it a very overused pose/situation. If the bride and groom ask you to have a “first look shoot” you must comply. Although after agreeing to do so, you may politely suggest having a second shooter on the wedding day. One focusing exclusively on the groom while you the photographer concentrate solely on the bride during the wedding ceremony. Doing this will give real-life expressions, and emotions.

#2 on the countdown 

This pose is fine. Just get creative with it. The serious faces will leave those lovely couples, future children, wondering if their parents were forced into an arranged marriage. Causing those children to have mixed emotions and questions about their very existence. Asking things like “do my parents love each other?”, “do my parents even love me?” and do we as photographers want this kind of psychiatric trauma on our shoulders?

#1 on the countdown 

Done correctly this is a lovely fun atmospheric creative pose. But done incorrectly will resolve in what we call the “Heimlich maneuver save your fiance from choking pose” With that said. This pose has is showing up more and more since 2017/2016. Making this our #1 post to give up in 2021.

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