With every pack. You Receive the origonal true tone film presets. Introducing Roelog, presets with custom color profiles that are buit on top of the film presets. Modern Vibes Of Todays Photography meets the style of timless film processing.

As always Rooke & Rover was built with creative minded buisness owners. Our presets are unique with the purpose to help Brand & distinguish your style and buisness uwe our powerful presets and editing tools in Lightroom mobile, to create beautiful images from everyday photos.

Fuji 400 H



authentic presets from real film so you can focus on photography (instead of tweaking sliders.) In 3 steps, you’ll get clean, true-to-color photos both you and your clients will love.

RRx True Tone

Fuji 400 H Color Presets

RR True Tone

Fuji 400 H Color Presets

Bring A Classic Look That Many Try And Acheive In One Click

fuji 400: Regarded as a truly everyday film, Superia 400 is a daylight-balanced look with subtle adjustments to colors and contrast that is colorful without being overly stylized.

Fuji C200: Celebrated for its faithful depiction, Fuji C200 is the perfect choice for portraits of friends and family and features muted highlights and shadows.

Fuji Rolog 200: Praised for its super-fine grain, this is a versatile black and white look with rich three-dimensional gradation and low contrast.


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