With every pack. You Receive the origonal true tone film presets. Introducing Roelog, presets with custom color profiles that are buit on top of the film presets. Modern Vibes Of Todays Photography meets the style of timeless  film processing

As always Rooke & Rover was built with creative minded buisness owners. Our presets are unique with the purpose to help Brand & distinguish your style and buisness uwe our powerful presets and editing tools in Lightroom mobile, to create beautiful images from everyday photos.



Auto WB Tools

Adj. Tools

koda gold 200 


Hard +

koda gold 200 +

koda gold 200 x


Soft –

Koda gold x RL I

Koda gold x RL II


Grain +

Koda gold x RL III

xKoda gold x RL IIII


Color +



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