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Secrets Of The Travel Elope Photographer

When it comes to booking weddings as a photographer, it can feel overwhelming. As a local photographer, most know the competition is real. Couples getting married can choose from many talented photographers in the area. So this leaves the question, “how could I ever book a destination wedding? Couples have so many options as it is.”

Let’s think about the photographers/influencers we love. We all follow them on social media. They seem to book elopement weddings solely. They have gorgeous feeds showcasing weddings all over the world.

Truth be told. It’s not as far out of reach as you think. What we are about to share is a strategy we mentor in workshops. The bottom line is If you can get at least two travel gigs under your belt, it will open the doors of destination weddings galore. Follow these three steps to get your foot in the door of destination weddings

BE "High-End"

 Step # 1


Step 1: “High-End”

Your work has to be of high quality.

We assume if you are reading this post you feel advanced enough to book destination weddings. You just haven’t been given the opportunity yet. Your photography has to feel “high-end” sell yourself as the premium brand. That means you need more than an Instagram account. You will need an online portfolio, a website that is professional but still creative. Your pricing should reflect that you only book couples who can afford the expensive weddings.

Your work needs to be high quality. Don’t mistake high quality with expensive gear, Good Photographers can use any camera and make magic happen. You should have a good amount of locally shot weddings already under your belt. We

Side Note 2: (You can work with Couples’ budget restrictions. It’s not something you should advertise on your site. Wait until a couple brings up the matter, if at all.)

So yes, Step 1 sounds snooty, but it’s the truth. Using this method should be a common practice for any photographer, regardless. You are a buisness, brand, and professional. Show what you are worth!

Don't Wait. Take Action.

 Step # 3


Step 2: Don’t wait, take action

Like all work or jobs, they don’t fall in your lap.

This step takes patience and research on your end. Get on social media, search around for newly engaged couples. If you are lucky enough, you may have caught word of a couple holding a destination wedding.What you’re doing differently here is you ARE NOT waiting for travel gigs to come to you. You are going to the couples eloping.

Side Note 3: (If you want to take Step 2 one step further, we have skill books coming out aboutrunning FB & Instagram ads. $5.00 on Ads a day with our targeting strategy will work magic.) 

With that said, once you find these clients Step 3 is how you’re going to win them.

SACRIFICE .. Just a Little

 Step # 2


Step 3: Sacrifice .. just a little

The payoff will be big.

This step is why step 1 is of importance. You are going to offer your services basically at no cost. KEEP READING. The catch is the couple will cover airline, travel, and lodging expenses. You then give wedding coverage at traveling/lodging cost alone. Free coverage? Unfortunately, yes. but still not a full yes. Only for the FIRST TWO destination weddings, maybe even just one. Contact the couples with that proposition in mind. here is what else you should include.

  • You need to send your website/portfolio showing your quality work. The website should exude you only book “high-end” clients.
  • Post your best work. Not every shoot needs to be blogged.
  • The work you display should spark excitement. Something the couple couldn’t get at the destination. Especially with all you’re offering.

The  points stated above show the value you are giving the couple, one being free Wedding Coverage, with the exception of the couple covering travel and lodging expenses.  Explain you want to branch out your photography and would be willing to offer this service as a favor to them. Plus express to the couple what a great opportunity it is for you to be a part of their destination wedding.

Follow these steps for success

That’s the basics to SUCCEED

Follow these step for 100% success rate

Without a doubt by following these steps you will continue to book destination weddings.  The sacrifice as stated in step 3 will have great payoffs, you will gain rich experience and more opportunities for destination weddings. We here at Rooke & Rover have used this approach. We have mentored photographers with this exact same strategy. So far it has a 100% success rate.

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