RRx huxley pack

Rooke & Rover Premium Adobe Lr/ACR

Huxley / RRxh

Rich, Clean & Versatile. Each pack in the Rooke x Collection will provide stunning results. A variety of presets make it Perfect For Lifestyle, Portraiture And Keeping Your Images Clean And Classic

Auto WB Tools
Adj. Tools
Rxh 01
Rxh 02
Hard +
Rxh 03
Rxh 04
Soft –
Rxh 05
Rxh 06
Grain +
Rxh 07
Color +

rxh – premium presets

$75 /  € 66

Huxley 01 


Huxley 03


Huxley 05 s+ 


Adobe Gold Tech Parnter

RRC Pro Presets & Tools are built for Adobe platforms. We take pride in being a golden tech partner of adobe.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom has quickly become the golden standard for editing images for beginner to advanced photographers.

Adobe ACR (PS)

Adobe Camera Raw Presets Come With Every Pack. Adobe Camera Raw is a feature found in adobe photoshop..